PVC Vinyl Flooring

 Vinyl Flooring 
 Pages containing information on our hard wearing wood effect, high gloss and textured vinyl flooring for events and exhibitions in the UK.
 Wood Effect Vinyl 
 Wood effect vinyl flooring is perfect for retail flooring, and any exhibition or event in need of natural wooden effect, hard wearing floors.
 Party Vinyl 
 Party vinyl is a textured non-slip R10 rated flooring, available in a variety of colours for use in outdoor exhibitions and events.
 Terrazo vinyl is a non-slip R10 rated flooring, which is used for high foot fall areas, such as runways, stages and other events and exhibitions at height.
 Les Fantaisy 
 Les Fantaisy is a textured vinyl flooring, available in both gold and silver. Best used for metal effect flooring at exhibitions and events.
 Les Structures 
 Les Structures is a textured vinyl flooring, which is fire rated. Ideal for high temperature flooring at events and exhibitions.
 Twist vinyl is a double sided hard wearing vinyl flooring, perfect for dance floors, fashion runways, or to create a unique look for your event.
 High Gloss PVC Flooring 
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